The history of Alares begins in 2015, with the construction of a consolidating platform in Brazil’s fixed broadband internet sector. The acquisitions of the pioneering companies in their regions, Multiplay and Cabo, located in Fortaleza and Natal, respectively, marked the start of this journey. During this period, there was a significant expansion of the company’s infrastructure network, always focused on fiber optics.

In the following years, until mid-2021, in addition to greenfield expansion projects developed in regions with high unmet demand for fixed broadband internet services, the company expanded its operations to São Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Bahia through the acquisition of 10 new regional internet providers.

Also in 2021, under the name Grupo Conexão, Alares came under the control of the American investment fund Grain Management, which has extensive experience and focus on investments in telecommunications and technology. The company’s expansion continued under the new management, and 2 new internet providers were acquired that same year.

The year 2022 was marked by significant transformations, focusing on the integration of its operations, including the rebranding from Grupo Conexão to Alares, the simplification of the corporate structure (reducing from 15 to 4 legal entities), and significant efficiency gains. Additionally, the company acquired assets from 5 small regional providers.

In 2023, after completing the important integration work, Alares resumed accelerating its M&A activities with the most significant acquisition in its history, Webby, strengthening its position in São Paulo and expanding its presence to Paraná. The company also continued its organic growth into 4 new cities and invested in advanced technologies such as XGSPON.